The grandson of Picasso lends artworks to Malaga for 3 years!

“Bernard Ruiz-Picasso inaugurated the exhibition, in the Spanish native town of his grandfather, of some of the artworks of whom he inherited on Monday 13 March. They will be shown there for three years.

“Some are totally emblematic of the work of Pablo Picasso, such as the head of a bronze bull”, created in Paris in 1942 with a handlebars and a bicycle saddle, explained to the AFP Mr. Ruiz-Picasso, making Visit the exhibition on Monday 12 March. He also put forward an oil on canvas depicting “a child with an adult face playing with a shovel”, painted in Mougins in 1971. “[src: article by]

Loans between cultural establishments and especially the writing of the corresponding conventions are also an opportunity to define the technical specificities of the used means, in particular, for security. It is therefore essential to master these characteristics in order to benefit from the most innovative systems.

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