The IoT White Paper for Work of Art

Web-livre-blancWe created the white paper „WHEN THE WORK OF ART BECOMES A CONNECTED OBJECT“ to inform about the importance of the Internet of Things for work of art. In 25 pages, find out how to attract visitors and reduce costs with IoT.

The museum concept has evolved considerably in form, objectives, organization and management. Financial stakes have emerged. All and new means of communication and animation are implemented to attract more public. How to stay in line with the scientific and cultural projects of the museum? We must be able to guarantee an attractive and respectful policy of history. It is also important to be able to ensure the proper functioning of the museum team.

Today, cultural institutions and private collections face many difficulties: less budget, less staff, less time, more risks related to the exhibition of work of art … But solutions exist!


· IoT – Definition and trends
· Connected Objects – Examples
· The museum missions
· Museums and social networks
· Attract visitors – Stats and improvement ways
· Reducing the costs
· Sharing tools
· How to connect a work of art ?
· The IoT in the culture
· Conclusion
· Applications examples

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