monalitag® All-in-one solution

Security – Conservation – Mediation

We have created an all-in-one solution to meet all the needs of a cultural institution for the reserves, for exhibitions and during works of art transport and loans.

A double goal

Attract visitors – Reduce costs

We have created the mOOnTAG.

The only hybrid tag to connect your works of art (patented innovation).


The mOOnTAG : IoT exclusive technology for the works of art professionals

Contactless identification

Art work Contactless identification with RFID technology.

Smart beacons

Pilot visitors multimedia apps.

24x7 Security

Protect the works of art with motion sensor.


Protect the collections with temperature and humidity sensors.


Monitor conservation conditions during transports and loans.


Up to 3 years battery life depending of mode of operation.

monalitag®: also a solution on mobile devices


For the professionals

For the visitors

I have a project

monalitag® for security agent

Close Protection of Works of Art – Electronic distancing systems – 24 x 7

Light and simple wireless radio network

monalitag® Guardian : intuitive web interface

Interact with other security systems

“I can interface monalitag® with the CCTV during the day and intrusion detection at night”
Head of security service

” I have an alarm without any delay as soon as a threat is detected”
Security agent

“I can set very accurately the sensitivity to shocks, motion and vibration”
Security agent – Curator

I have a project

Application example: Standalone protection with mBUZZER
Local alarm & remote alarm


Instantaneous local alarm

Real time remote alarm

Detects shocks, movements, vibrations

Close Protection of works of art sensors and electronic distancing systems


Electronic distancing system


Approach detection


Protection of objects at 360°


Protection in 3D of the objectsm3D


Weight variation detection


Weight variation detectionmGRAM
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monalitag® for curators and registrars

Conservation conditions during storage, exhibitions and transport

Fast inventory with no contact with the works of art

Temporary exhibition settings

Mobile application, CMS interface

“I can see the all museum information on the web with my secured access, login and password”
Museum Director

“I know if the objects have been well treated during transport and loan”

“I make inventories at the speed of light, without touching the objects in the exhibitions or the storages”

I have a project

Application example: Connected display cases with the mOOnTAG
Conservation conditions monitoring from remote


Without opening the display case

Real time information monitoring

Detects shocks, movements, vibrations, temperature and humidity

monalitag® for the visitor tour

Visitor tour in one click

Museum guide and map

Serious games

Visitors statistical analysis

“I can create my multimedia smartphone application in a couple of clicks”
Mediation manager

“I can monitor from remote all my beacons”
IT Director

“I have clear statistical reports about the visitors”
Exhibition curator

I have a project

Application example: my multimedia visitor tour application in 3 steps
Easy application and control radio pattern beacon


Visitor tour app in a couple of clicks

Application content under control and easy to change

As many visitor guide as wanted


Annual rental plan or perpetual license

Starter kit: Visitor tour application, security and preventive conservation

Multimedia STARTER KIT

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