From the security of works of art to multimedia: a lesson on evolution.

In 1965, Gordon E. Moore, co-founder of Intel issued a postulate on the evolution of the power of electronics.
The version commonly used (a little false compared to the original version …) explains that electronics double its treatment power every eighteen months.

Gordon Moore was wrong on one point: he thought his postulate would only be true for a few years, but most of his ideas are still relevant today, especially regarding the reduction in the size of electronic devices.

Moore’s law can be generalized and applied to many fields, monalitag® detectors do not escape:

2007 – Our tag, called D generation, measures 55 x 48 mm and is 20 mm thick, the battery is not replaceable and it only controls the movements.

2009 – The generation type C, is only 8mm thick, the battery is replaceable easily.

2011 – The format does not change but the tag also measures temperature and humidity.

2013 – Birth of mOOnTAG, 30 mm and 4 mm thickness, movement, temperature, humidity, transport.

2016 – the mOOnTAG also integrates the BEACON function, for an interactive all-in-one visitor journey.