This proverb of another time must have resonated to a lot of ears, this would explain the increases of museums frequentations the last years!

Since the emergence of audioguides in the 1980s, digital tools have become a real game card.

Social networks and mobile applications echo the expansion of smartphones. Internet will never have been so present in the life of a museum, even Google strives to make culture live on the web, Twitter organizes a week once a year of cultural & scientific exchanges: MuseumWeek, as far as Facebook is concerned, is considered “inevitable”.

monalitag® innovates for the visitor circuit with the detectors of the mOOnTAG family.

The range proposes a tag integrating the interactive side, which communicates with the visitor.
A tool that brings the museum into the world so tempting the Internet of Things.

Does the use of innovative technologies contribute to the enhancement of cultural heritage? We answer: yes!

These innovations attract new, younger audiences accustomed to using these tools. They allow a playful enrichment and highlight a museum 2.0 that lives with its time!