Youth, Diversity, Sharing

The visitor attractiveness is a daily challenge for these institutions, which have to deploy more imagination and ways to attract visitors.

“Museums in the 21st century must assert themselves as common, accessible and open to all. At the same time, they are places of creation and innovation. ”

Audrey Azoulay has presented her project in early March to revive the museum flame.
This project involves bringing younger and more diverse populations into cultural institutions, creating new interactions with the public. It is the second mission defined by ICOM all over again: the valorisation of heritage.
By means of museum-specific arrangements, charters or seduction operations for young audiences, museums must redouble their efforts to accomplish this mission.

What systems exist today?

The mOOnTAG is the only detector today capable of providing anti-theft security and preventive conservation of the artwork on which it is placed by allowing communication with the visitor. This is the connected artwork principle :
able to communicate with the people who take care of it but also able to promote itself to the public!

With less and less resources, how can museums innovate?
Simply by surrounding themselves with professionals who can provide them with the systems and services around to deploy their ideas.

Let’s see the example of the Louvre: a rally involving ten teams of players is organized every Wednesday evening until May. The Louvre becomes the scene of a treasure hunt, organized by the animated entertainment agency Anima.

Another example with monalitag®. The range offers both museums and partners the technological tools to connect the museum collections and offer new interaction for youth, diversity and sharing.