More and more museums and castles display works of art outdoor in parks and gardens : great and beautiful but degradations or thieves are far too common.

The French Château de Versailles, for example, found one of its external works of art covered with anti-Semitic inscriptions.

Graffiti, painting, theft … all the artwork can be vandalized. Outdoor objects are less protected and less monitored than those in indoor exhitbiions areas but solutions exist!

Human or natural causes:

  • Theft: The price of raw materials such as bronze is expensive: the current price could be up to 8000 Euros per ton
  • “Activist” actions: Voluntary degradation of symbolic works of art
  • Souvenir: Tourists degrade the object to keep a souvenir of their visit
  • Memories: The graffiti is like the signature of the visitor which indicates his passage
  • Climatic conditions: monitoring and preventive conservation should be monitored

Today, what solution are available ?

Solutions have been found but they are time-consuming and expensive:

  • Human monitoring of a works of art is costly and generally impossible 24x7
  • Mechanical protections having an aesthetic impact and being difficult to integrate
  • Camera monitoring  allows remote human monitoring of several works of art but requires a 24x7 presence and sustained attention

Theft, intrusion and vandalism: with reduced security budgets, how to be protected against such risks?

Laser scanner technology effectively detects attempts at vandalism before they take action and improves the effectiveness of human surveillance. They are used to determine prohibited areas and for motion detection of works of art.

monalitag® proposes the m2D, an electronic solution of laser scanner, which answers the outside security challenges by avoiding the problems mentioned above:

  • A single device that is both transmitter and receiver simplify equipment and installation
  • Resist to weather conditions: supports rain, snow, wind…
  • Limitation of false alarms by accurate adjustment. For example: detection of vehicles but no alarm for pedestrians, detection of people but no alarm for animals …
  • Resist to natural light cahnges: the infrared laser works both night and day
  • The m2D detects all intrusions thanks to the use of peripheral electronic barriers, in parallel with the enclosure walls …
  • Simplified implementation and low aesthetic impact.

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