Our mOOnTAGs SENSOR THR have the ability to measure the rate of humidity and their small size (4mm thick) allows them to be placed where it is difficult to place a traditional probe much more cumbersome.

As a result, our customers install them everywhere and especially in the showcase and sometimes the surprises are big.

It may be obvious for some specialists to consider that the moisture rate is not necessarily the same in different areas of a showcase but it is the importance of these differences that are astonishing. Some examples:

• A table showcase of approximately 1.5m x 1m and 20cm high for the presentation of precious books: a mOOnTAG placed at the back on the vertical wall showed a value of 12% different from the mOOnTAG placed horizontally on the visitor side. Why ? The wall on the back of the showcase is a external wall with poor insulation from outdoor conditions. The transfer is done with the showcase and is detected by the tag.

• Another example with a high showcase containing a dummy the mOOnTAG placed in the silicate gel drawer measures a value about 20% lower than the humidity measured in the upper part of the showcase. The reason? This is most likely due to insufficient air circulation and this showcase deserves to have mechanical ventilation.

In any case, our mOOnTAGs are accurate to +/- 2% for humidity and +/- 0.5 ° C for temperature and have been tested and qualified by the LNE (French National Testing Laboratory).

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