At Editag, we are on the field every day because our monalitag® solution continues to progress with installations now in over 10 countries. This is also through distribution agreements with local professionals to provide second to none advice, support and training around our solution.

In all the European museums we met, the leitmotiv is nearly the same: public budgets devoted to cultural institution are decreasing and the reduction in the staff leads to a significant drop in the number of security agents. Meanwhile, lenders are becoming more and more demanding in terms of security before entrusting their masterpieces for a temporary exhibition.

So often, we hear the classic statement: “security can only be done with additional human resources” although it is often sure that the only thing that will not happen is the possibility of recruiting more agents. So, is the equation really impossible? Not necessarily.

The electronic systems and tools are there to reinforce the efficiency of the agents and the reliability of the surveillance. The virtuous triangle of the combination of close protection of Art of Works, video surveillance and radio transmission is the today most effective way for the best security: The mOOnTAG detects the movement on the work of art, the monalitag® server informs the video surveillance to highlight the video of the work of art allowing the agent to remove doubt and choose the most appropriate action. The radio or the beeper also allow direct communication with the agent in the closest position and lead to the best reaction according to the problem found.

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