monalitag PSO®: the first fully digital Safeguarding Plan that integrates real-time crisis management
For more than 10 years, EDITAG has been developing its monalitag® solution for art professionals and continues to innovate by addressing today the delicate subject of the Plan for Safeguarding Works of Art (P.S.O). The P.S.O is both an obligation for cultural institutions and a real headache for its creation and especially to manage to keep it in a fully operational condition permanently.

• Is the evacuation list up to date?
• Does it take into account works withdrawn from exhibitions for reasons of loans, restoration? And the works of the temporary exhibitions?
• Is this list, so important, very confidential but at the same time distributed to all parties concerned?
• Are the evacuation or protection instructions on site properly documented and sufficiently detailed?
• Beyond these already important points, what is the concrete field assistance that the teams will have?
• How to synchronize team work in real time?

EDITAG has seized the subject and offers you to discover the first and only digital solution, secure and totally dematerialized with monalitag® PSO, presented for the first time at the SITEM show in January 2019.

With more than 150 sites installed in France, the exchanges we had on the subject of PSO with our customers also allowed us to understand that beyond the basic solution that we propose to date, there are still some questions whose answer is inevitably collegial between the museum teams, administrative and the professional relief like the firemen. It is to answer these questions that we are launching a working group.

April 18, 2019: Safeguarding Plan of Works of Art workshop – Paris
We are pleased to invite you to our workshop “Plan for Safeguarding of Works of Art monalitag”, which will be held on Thursday, April 18 in Paris. On this occasion, EDITAG will present the monalitag® PSO pilot project as well as the challenges that the future working group will have to answer.
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