We are pleased to invite you to the workshop “Safeguard Plan of works of art monalitag®”, Thursday, April 18th in Paris. On this occasion, EDITAG will present the monalitag® PSO pilot project as well as the challenges that the future working group will have to answer.

The goal of this day is to form a small group of professionals with multiple horizons and willing to invest their time, pool their skills and experiences and finalize through a working group the final points of monalitag® PSO .

EDITAG will also present the associated commercial offer and the conditions of access to free PSO through a subscription offer to the development of the solution.

The date is April 18th. The place, which remains to be specified according to the number of participants, will be in Paris intramural easily accessible by public transport.
It is important to register as soon as possible for this event, the number of places being limited. Simply send us your full contact information to contact@monalitag.com

* This event is reserved for professionals from relevant cultural institutions, school directors, safety and security directors. The number of places being limited, EDITAG reserves the right to refuse participation in the event.