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Event | French Tech culture evening

When digital solutions meet
the needs of actors of culture and heritage!

“After the success of the first two editions, appointments are made for this new event French Tech Culture!

Thursday, April 26, 2018 at the CCI of Pays d’Arles
from 18h

This evening will allow cultural and heritage stakeholders to meet those of the digital world and more specifically to meet needs or expectations with innovative solutions or products developed by digital companies in the region … ”

See you at 7:15 pm for the EDITAG pitch, to illustrate how the innovative solutions of the monalitag® range meet the needs of the actors of culture and heritage!

The complete program, is here!!

monalitag® Customer testimonial at the CCIMP Expert Germany Rendez-vous

April 12, 2018
The CAFAP co-hosts an event organized by the CCIMP, the MAPM metropolis and the city of Marseille, on the German market, in preparation for the business mission to Hamburg which will take place from 26 to 28 September 2018.

In this context, we will present the installation of our monalitag® system at Hamburger Kunsthalle.
From the initial installation until today, this customer testimonial perfectly illustrates the meeting of new innovative technologies of our region and the world of culture in Germany.

More information about the day here : RDV EXPERT PAYS: ALLEMAGNE
Contact : Caroline TURLESQUE
Chargée d’Opérations Collectives
CCI International Paca
T. 04 91 14 42 78 – M. 06 35 31 38 10
Mail :

A new distributor in Estonia, Latvia and Finland

EDITAG is proud to announce the partnership with the Estonian company ASEMATIC.

Following a successful first installation of monalitag® at the Kumu Museum in Tallinn, Estonia, we have achieved the distribution agreement with ASEMATIC which now represents our monalitag® solution in the territories of Estonia, Latvia and Finland!

monalitag® is now distributed by local operators in Norway (Securitas), France (Promuseum), Switzerland (IS Electro-alarm), Estonia, Latvia and Finland (ASEMATIC).

Thank you for coming SITEM 2018

Thank you for visiting the monalitag® booth on 23-25 January 2018 at SITEM, the international exhibition of museums, places of culture and tourism.

Many of you have been interested in our all-in-one solution for works of art: security, conservation prevention and multimedia. It was a real pleasure to exchange with you!

If you have projects, do not hesitate to contact our expert monalitag®, we will be happy to discuss it:!

2007 – 2017: EDITAG celebrates 10 years

EDITAG has been designing and manufacturing IoT (connected objects) systems for 10 years for the supervision of goods and processes, particularly in industry and culture.

10 years

It was just ten years ago. EDITAG was founded on May 21, 2007.
Since then, the company has grown and EDITAG has become an innovative Industrial SME with about twenty employees committed to a common goal: innovate to create the highest value for professional use of contactless technologies.
10 years ! A significant and important step in the life of a company and we are very happy to pass this stage with you. […]

Reduced staff and increased security?

At Editag, we are on the field every day because our monalitag® solution continues to progress with installations now in over 10 countries. This is also through distribution agreements with local professionals to provide second to none advice, support and training around our solution.

In all the European museums we met, the leitmotiv is nearly the same: public budgets devoted to cultural institution are decreasing and the reduction in the staff leads to a significant drop in the number of security agents. Meanwhile, lenders are becoming more and more demanding in terms of security before entrusting their masterpieces for a temporary exhibition.

So often, we hear the classic statement: “security can only be done with additional human resources” although it is often sure that the only thing that will not happen is the possibility of recruiting more agents. So, is the equation really impossible? Not necessarily.

The electronic systems and tools are there to reinforce the efficiency of the agents and the reliability of the surveillance. The virtuous triangle of the combination of close protection of Art of Works, video surveillance and radio transmission is the today most effective way for the best security: The mOOnTAG detects the movement on the work of art, the monalitag® server informs the video surveillance to highlight the video of the work of art allowing the agent to remove doubt and choose the most appropriate action. The radio […]

You have the floor, now… 

Every day, EDITAG members meet new museums and they regularly witness scenes from the museum world. So here in this newsletter is our new section: “museum scene” that will allow us to share with you surprising or funny experiences, good practices or new ideas. We invite you today to discover this first edition. If you also want to share a “scene” please send us an email to

Museum Scene – American security: Don’t play with it !
Scene in a security PC of an American museum: a big limousine approaches the entrance of the staff parking.
The driver does not have his access badge and rings to request the opening of the gate. The security guard observes the scene through surveillance cameras and undoubtedly recognizes the museum’s president who has forgotten his badge …
The officer is kindly but firmly refusing access and the distracted president will turn around to get his badge and come back … late. Subsequently, the agent told me that letting in his president would probably have earned him to be fired … Remarkable isn’t it?

How to attract visitors and reduce costs with IoT?

The IoT White Paper for Work of Art

We created the white paper “WHEN THE WORK OF ART BECOMES A CONNECTED OBJECT” to inform about the importance of the Internet of Things for work of art. In 25 pages, find out how to attract visitors and reduce costs with IoT.

The museum concept has evolved considerably in form, objectives, organization and management. Financial stakes have emerged. All and new means of communication and animation are implemented to attract more public. How to stay in line with the scientific and cultural projects of the museum? We must be able to guarantee an attractive and respectful policy of history. It is also important to be able to ensure the proper functioning of the museum team.

Today, cultural institutions and private collections face many difficulties: less budget, less staff, less time, more risks related to the exhibition of work of art … But solutions exist!


· IoT – Definition and trends
· Connected Objects – Examples
· The museum missions
· Museums and social networks
· Attract visitors – Stats and improvement ways
· Reducing the costs
· Sharing tools
· How to connect a work of art ?
· The IoT in the culture
· Conclusion
· Applications examples

Ask for your White Paper

To receive your White Paper, please send an email to

Humidity: the invisible risk

Our mOOnTAGs SENSOR THR have the ability to measure the rate of humidity and their small size (4mm thick) allows them to be placed where it is difficult to place a traditional probe much more cumbersome.

As a result, our customers install them everywhere and especially in the showcase and sometimes the surprises are big.

It may be obvious for some specialists to consider that the moisture rate is not necessarily the same in different areas of a showcase but it is the importance of these differences that are astonishing. Some examples:

• A table showcase of approximately 1.5m x 1m and 20cm high for the presentation of precious books: a mOOnTAG placed at the back on the vertical wall showed a value of 12% different from the mOOnTAG placed horizontally on the visitor side. Why ? The wall on the back of the showcase is a external wall with poor insulation from outdoor conditions. The transfer is done with the showcase and is detected by the tag.

• Another example with a high showcase containing a dummy the mOOnTAG placed in the silicate gel drawer measures a value about 20% lower than the humidity measured in the upper part of the showcase. The reason? This is most likely due to insufficient air circulation and this showcase deserves to have mechanical ventilation.

In any case, our mOOnTAGs are accurate to +/- 2% for humidity and […]

Transport: who is the responsible third party?

The works of art are travelling more and more and all around the world from temporary exhibitions to temporary exhibitions.

More transportation is also more risks … and therefore insurance costs increase. monalitag® helps you! Like your phone, our mOOnTAG have an fly mode dedicated to transport: in fly mode, our mOOnTAG is not using radio anymore but is still active: shocks, temperature and humidity are recorded and time-stamped.

Once at destination, with the mOOnTAG smartphone application, a simple request to the tag allows to see the complete history of the transport and in case of problems, to identify the responsible third party who was in charge of the object during the detection shock or poor storage conditions.

Identifying the responsible third party is something that should please your insurance company and possibly lower your costs.

> More information, contact us : !